2013-08-04 Changes in Adjara A/R 2013 budget were adopted by the Supreme Council with 11 votes during an extraordinary plenary session on July 24, thus increasing volume of grants and allocating GEL 5 million for construction of coast protecting structures in Adlia. The fund also allocated GEL 8 million for construction works of mountain resort at Goderdzi Pass. Changes were made in health programs too. With the foregoing decision, the Supreme Council of Adjara A/R disregarded stipulations of Article 49 of the Election Code of Georgia, prohibiting initiation of unplanned budget transfers or boosting of planned transfers into the local budget after calling of elections until tabulation of election results, as well as boosting of existing budget programs. It during official pre-election campaigning also prohibits implementation of projects that had not been previously envisaged in the state/local budget. To address the problem, ISFED and GYLA filed in Batumi City Court requesting suspension of social programs initiated after adoption of the budget changes.
2013-07-25 On July 25, 2013 Ajara Supreme Council approved changes to the 2013 budget - funding increased for the Goderdzi resort, Healthcare Ministry, Environment Division and TV-Radio Department. Link:
2013-07-24 It has come to our attention that the Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Ajara plans to introduce amendments to the 2013 Ajara budget, including increases to funding for healthcare projects and local government. Article 49 (point 3) of the Election Code prohibits implementation of projects previously not included in state or local government budgets in the period between election date announcement and the end of vote count. Moreover, increasing funding for existing budgetary programs, initiating unplanned budgetary transfers or increasing the amount of planned ones is also prohibited during this period. In case of a violation an authorized person or entity can file a lawsuit and demand the spending be halted. Ajara budget is essentially a regional budget, meaning that it should be considered as a local government budget to which the regulations mentioned above also apply. Link: