According to TV Pirveli, on 8 August, in Ozurgeti, a footage of money distribution was recorded at the headquarters of the Georgian Dream. Staff member Gela Chanukvadze hands over 400 GEL to a citizen. Guria majoritarian MP Vasil Chigogidze was also present in the building. According to him, the citizen was given money to buy water and products.
ISFED observer found out the identity of a woman who reportedly received the money: Aza Chelidze, coordinator of Roseta Skamkochaishvili, a candidate for the Sakrebulo from village Dvabzu. The observer spoke to the candidate from village of Dvabzu, who denied any connection with Chelidze and said she did not know her. But the observer obtained a photograph of Rosetta Skamkochaishvili with Aza Chelidze and her son with Georgian Dream MP Marika Chkhikvishvili.
ISFED also spoke to Giorgi Gurjumelidze, one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream local organization, who confirmed that Aza Chelidze lived in Dvabzu and was an active supporter of the Georgian Dream. As for the money, according to him it was given to buy water. Ghurjumelidze focused on the fact that the money spent is strictly controlled and is accompanied by relevant documentation.
On 10 August, TV Pirveli released an audio recording of an experiment: the journalist of the TV company introduced himself to Aza Chelidze as an employee of HQ of the Georgian Dream party and asked for details of what had happened in Ozurgeti office. In the recording, Chelidze says that it was money for moving around, transportation in case someone would need something.
Opposition parties appealed to the prosecutor`s office regarding this fact.