ISFED observer Tamta Virsaladze was also employed at edu.aris.ge as a journalist covering education related issues. The publisher knew about her employment at ISFED very well.

Per instructions of the editor, she prepared a material for the site based on the study by ISFED that talked about non-renewal of contracts for the directors due to the politicization of the system.

Following the publication of the material, the site`s founder, Giorgi Kashia, summoned Tamta and strongly reprimanded her for covering the study. He described the organization as an "agent of State Security Services" and politically motivated. The owner told Virsaladze that there was a conflict of interest. Earlier, he had ordered the producer and editor to remove materials about the study and told them that the research should no longer appear on their web-site.

After being summoned to the office and talking about these topics, ISFED representative resigned due to a severe mismatch of values.