Date: 2020-09-09
Period: 2020 Parliamentary elections - Pre-election period
District: Gldani , Ortachala, Ambrolauri, Borjomi, Sachkhere, Gori, Kharagauli, Lanchkhuti, Khashuri, Tetritskaro Sighn
Incident Category: Damaging campaign materials
2020-09-30 On August 7, three activists of the European Georgia district organization in Gldani were fined for placing party campaign posters on Tianeti Highway, on a fence of a building currently under construction. A representative of the European Georgia, Giorgi Shalikashvili told ISFED that all three of them were fined 200 GEL by the patrol police. According to him, police officers threatened activists that if they continued placing posters, they would be arrested. The video provided to ISFED by the party shows that the activists were fined by the municipal inspection of the city hall, based on paragraph 1 of Article 1502 of the Code of Administrative Offences – for placing posters, mottos, banners in areas that have not been designated for that purpose in the municipality of Tbilisi City. Municipal Inspection of Tbilisi fined the party activists also in Ortachala, for placing party posters on a fence of a construction area, across from the Ministry of Justice. According to the European Georgia representative, Giorgi Shalikashvili, 23 individuals have been fined throughout Tbilisi under administrative procedure, for distorting the visual image of the city. The party has appealed 23 administrative offence protocols. Court hearings have not yet been scheduled. Posters of the European Georgia party have been damaged in large numbers in Tsalka, Ambrolauri, Borjomi, Sachkhere, Gori, Kharagauli, Lanchkhuti, Khashuri, Tetritskaro, Sighnaghi, Akhaltsikhe, and Dusheti municipalities, as well as in districts of Tbilisi.